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There is a huge competition in the world mobile games market. Major game development companies try to outperform their competitors in a number of parameters including scenario and structure of mobile game, its quality, genre, cost, etc. Technavio company conducted research of leading app development firm, their products and promises, and drawn up a list of those that are supposed to make the Global Mobile Gaming Market grow within next few years. Here you may find a short reviews of some of them.

JatApp. Company that focuses on development of mobile app and games. The team of professionals creates perfect gaming applications that result in positive experience of gamers. Even after the launch of the games JatApp continues monitoring its market promotion. Use of latest technologies for building mobile applications and games, filter of user feedbacks helps the company give life to games that hit the charts and expand their customers business. Their management team proceeds on working with customers after the finish of game development to ensure the games receives necessary updates and its faultless performance.

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Activision Blizzard Inc. This is one of the biggest companies for game development in the world. It has two divisions: Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Publishing. It also includes several best studios best app development company for hire like Toys for Bob, Sledgehammer Games etc. The company manages to combine in their products technological aspect, media and entertaining aspects.

Electronic Arts Inc. This is one of the top world companies that deal with development of entertaining software. They are famous for developing so popular The Sims™, Need for Speed™, Battlefield™ etc. that are distinct in their supreme quality.

Electronic Arts is engaged in development, launch and marketing of gaming software around the globe that performs perfectly on various types of devices with internet connection.

Gameloft SA. It is a well-known French company whose activity is connected with developing and publishing mobile games. They have been in this market for 16 years and for this time have proved themselves as genuine innovators. They work across all digital platforms as well as all portable gadgets.

Gameloft’s offices are located around the globe. The company delivers services and sells its products in over 100 countries. It owns several brand names such as Asphalt, Order & Chaos, and Modern Combat. Among their partners are Universal, Disney, Marvel, Fox Digital Entertainment and Ferrari.

Glu Mobile. This company is in the list of development leaders and publication of mobile games to be played on tablet or smartphone. It was established in 2001, and since then have been working successfully placing their offices outside the US – in Russia, Canada, China, India and Korea. Their core business is to build native IP games that are free to play for different mobile platforms. They have created such popular games as GUN BROS, BLOOD & GLORY, and SAMURAI VS. ZOMBIES DEFENSE. Glu Mobile develop their products by use of special platform, thus, their games can be played by anyone anywhere in the world.

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. is based in America being an affiliated structure of the Japanese company. They completely represent the projects of their parent company and at the same time, seek for the ways of their personal fulfillment in the Western market.

GungHo Online Entertainment develops games for desktop, portable and mobile platforms. Their team consists of experts from different domains who are united by the common possession of gaming world.

Kabam, Inc. is a North American app development firm that occupies the 6th position in the chart of the fastest expanding companies. The headquarters of the company are located in the US. But they have gone globally and now they overall employ more than 800 people in different countries.

They carry out the creation and development of mobile games. Their products are distributed through their personal channel in Google Play, App Store and Appstore.

The cost of Kabam Inc. was estimated at more than one billion US Dollars. Their own patent for Kingdoms of Camelot brought about 250 million US Dollars. Such success put it among top ten strategies ever. Kabam is invested by Alibaba, Google, MGM, Intel, Warner Brothers, etc.

King Digital Entertainment plc is another topper in the mobile entertainment market. This app development firm has a network of representative offices in USA, Sweden, Romania, England, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Japan and China. Their high-end games can be purchased through their website, facebook and major mobile platforms.

Every month their products bring about 350 million new users.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. has given the world the famous Angry Birds, first released as a simple game. Nowadays, it is the most popular game to be downloaded. It has also become a notorious brand that publishes, licenses, issues books, etc.

The peculiarity of the company is that the combination of the talents and unusual vision of its developers and latest technologies give birth to such extremely successful products as Angry Birds.

Zynga is an American developer of mobile games. They have made their names due to such popular games as Zynga Poker, FarmVille and Words With Friends that were played by one billion users for the past 6 years. Two years ago Zynga purchased NaturalMotion.

It is interesting that the company bears the name of the pet dog of its founder – Zynga – reflecting the joyfulness and loyalty of the bearer.

COLOPL is another app development firm. They focus on creation of location-based interactive games. They work in four main directions: development via their own platform that can be used to run apps from other developers; smartphones – specific developments. Two other directions comprise reality related activity. That means that applications built by COLOPL are directly linked with the everyday life and include: presence of stores availability of collectors’ items, transportation operators, baseball teams, etc.

CyberAgent is a Japanese app development firm that appeared in the market of mobile gaming in 2009. As of today, they have spread to 10 subsidiaries that labour in this field. Having kept on top the latest developments in gaming market took effect in creation of native games for smartphones. The company has launched another 15 games during past year.

Their products are one of the best-selling in App Store and Google Play. Such indications put CyberAgent among the leading companies in mobile gaming market of Japan.

Disney Interactive makes one of the best and most popular architects of entertaining content across all possible platforms in the world. They develop mobile and console games, virtual worlds online. They are the creators and owners of the best Disney Mom and Family Portfolio.

GREE is the group of believers that online world is better than the reality. They are trying to prove their theory to their gamers with their creations

The games they develop are free for downloading and playing, perform on Android and iOS. The goal of the company is to make gaming follow the user everywhere.

Nintendo Co., Ltd is known to a huge number of people from around the world since childhood due to their titles Mario™, Donkey Kong™ and Pokémon™. They are groundbreakers in creating entertaining content. Along with game development they produce hardware and software for home consoles and portable systems.

Their Nintendo Entertainment System™ was launched in the early 80s. Since then the company has distributed over 4 billion video games and hardware pieces for several generations of Nintendo, Game Boy and Super NES.

SEGA is a global company that creates entertaining content, its headquarters in London, representative offices in America and Japan. SEGA studios in London create prize winning games as Football Manager™, Aliens™, and the Total War™.

On their account there is creation of another world brand Hedgehog™’s latest adventures. Now, it is not only a video game, this image expands to toys, images on clothes and stationary, etc.

Ubisoft is known to the world by creating such brands as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. The team of Ubisoft creates, publishes and sells entertaining mobile content and relevant services.

The company is represented worldwide by the network of agencies joint by the same goal to offer unique and striking gaming experience on all platforms which include location-based devices, mobile devices and PCs.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is considered to be a world’s conglomerate for creating entertaining profile, based in America. It is the founder of a number of advantageous brands. The company stands in the origins of all sectors of entertaining market including movie-making, television, publishing operations, animation, creation of gaming content, licensing, etc.

They work with all types of platforms and media.

Tencent is an evolving app development firm that is trying to make the lives of gamers more interesting. The company establishes conditions for a more comfortable online acidity. Their QQ, Weixin/ WeChatto were designed to communicate; Qzone – for online socializing; QQ Game Platform was developed to play online, etc.

Tencent platforms are used by tons of people from across the globe for different online purposes daily.